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Earth Day

🥳 N’Aunjai invites everyone to help protect our planet, by disposing of E-Waste to receive a code from Lazada worth 40 baht, to buy products under “AIS x Lazada, Leave E-Waste to get a code” (#AISxLazadaทิ้งรับCode)

🙌 It’s easy to join in: Just bring in any item from 5 categories of E-Waste – 1. Mobile phones/tablets, 2. Mobile batteries, 3. Power banks, 4. Chargers, 5. Earphones, to drop off at AIS Shops nationwide. Just this earns a discount code from Lazada, as a thank you to people helping to save the Earth.

📍From 22 April 2022 – 31 July 2022

*Other categories of E-Waste can be left, but are not eligible for a discount code from Lazada

Don’t forget‼️ Talk to the staff before leaving the E-Waste

Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code to receive the discount code from staff, only during opening hours of AIS Shop

☑️ Checklist before you leave the E-Waste !!!

– Delete data on the mobile phone/tablet with a Factory Reset and remove all memory cards

– if the battery is swollen, immerse it in water for 3-5 hours

Terms and conditions for using the discount code

1. This campaign is only available to users of AIS mobile phone services registered/identified in the name of private individuals.

2. 1 item of E-Waste earns 1 discount code worth 40 baht, to shop for products at Lazada with a minimum price of 299 baht per item, and may be used once for one order.

3. 1 telephone number may only earn 2 Lazada discount codes for the duration of the campaign.

4. Lazada discount codes are limited to only 15,000 codes for the duration of the campaign, from 22 April 2022- 31 July 2022, and are valid until 31 October 2022.

5. Customers may accumulate spending in different shops, with the total payment due exceeding or equaling the stipulated threshold, after deducting shipping and all other categories of discount, and only making payment of the full amount.

6. The discount code may not be used together with other sales promotions from Lazada, such as Lazada’s own regular coupons and coupons from shops, and the discount code may not be used for products under legal controls concerning the management of sales promotions.

7. Lazada reserves the right to cancel an order which is not compliant with the terms and conditions. In the case of a dispute, Lazada’s decision is considered final, and redeeming the discount code must be according to the terms and conditions stipulated by Lazada.

8. For more information, contact Lazada Customer Relations on 02-018-0000 during business hours of Monday-Saturday, 09.00-18.00, closed on Sunday and public holidays.

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