AIS E-waste


Brace yourself…before letting go.

Something can be hard to forgo, it’s better to make yourself ready when it has to happen. Letting go of your E-Waste, too, needs some preparation.

Changing perspectives of The New Gen towards E-Waste

“These stuffs might be of use again some days” says everyone. Little did we know, not only do these E-Wastes are no longer of use, they’re more likely to cause us health issues and world pollution. What’s the turning point that has changed this young gen to stop treating these junks like precious treasures? Only them who can give us the answer. Let’s find out, what are the reasons behind the shift in their views and behaviors to refrain from holding on to their dear belongings. Hopefully, this will inspire more people to start discarding E-Wastes correctly.

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Make your home E-Wasteless

Each year there are hundreds of thousand tons of E-Waste arise, not including those bits and bobs buried at the back of storage room in our houses. There’s no one to blame but us all, who are accountable for this planet’s burden. One of the most common mistakes we often do is to keep it, not knowing where to discard these junks, how they must be handled, or simply can’t quite let them go.