AIS E-waste


“E-Waste” why not we let go?

Little did we know, keeping one too many Electronic Wastes may cause a significant global issue. If with ignorance, one small action will gradually impact humankind like a Butterfly Effect, and not in a good way.

History of E-waste, where is this mountain of trash come from?

This mountain of trash is surely not a pretty sight, and what’s more shameful is that there isn’t just one but way too many piling up at every corner of the Earth. What’s so bad? Not only such wastes are non-biodegradable, these Electronic Wastes are damaging the ecosystem to no end. To top that off, these mountains were made by our very own hands.


On June 5th “AIS E-Waste, we are going to be obsessed with your old stuffs. ” During the past few months, many people who have to work from home may feel like getting a new gadget is a must, to enhance the quality of work. Whether a new cellphone, earphones, or a new tablet, no doubt that we would feel obsessed with our new devices and loved to try it out. What about our old stuffs? We might have forgotten them in the corner of our house. Those forgotten gadgets may leads to various health issues later on. Some of the stuffs that you may need it for later or the old power banks, the stuffs that you do not know how to dispose of. These old gadgets are called E-Waste or Electronic Waste. When they are disposed or recycled properly, it can reduce the carbon dioxide gas equivalent to planting a new tree or 12.6 kilograms of carbon dioxide reduction* per year or equivalent planting a new tree. (*According to Chula Loves the Earth project) June 5th is the World Environment day, if you like to make our environment, our community,and our planet to be a better place, you

Correct Electronic Waste Management Process

Landfill Management may cause toxic leakage and residue in both surface water and groundwater. Incineration waste management may affect air quality and also the ecosystem both in the short and long term but if the wastes can be separated for recycling such as copper, silver and palladium, it can increase the value of recycle waste.