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2 Easy Steps To Take My E-Waste Away

Did you know that the post office not only delivers things to us, but we can give them electronic waste to dispose of, which is forwarded to AIS to dispose of correctly?

Just 2 easy steps , and from now on, you can manage your E-Waste easily and correctly and most importantly, for free!
Are we ready? Let’s have a look.
Because AIS cares for the safety of Thai people. Join in with us in conserving the planet correctly

Step 1
Collect all the electronic waste you want to dispose of. If you have a mobile phone battery, please wrap it in paper to prevent the hazard of chemical leakage. Close and seal the box, and clearly write on it, ‘Electronic Waste for Disposal’.

Step 2
When your post carrier arrives to deliver post, give the electronic waste to the post carrier to send to AIS for correct disposal.

We guarantee that the postman or woman will take it to AIS.

Don’t forget, before disposal!!
– Delete your data and do a Factory Reset, and remove the memory card
– If your battery has expanded soak it in water for 3 to 5 hours

AIS and Thailand Post care for society. We would like Thai people to be safe and join in conserving the planet correctly with us.

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