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6 Best Ways To Take My E-Waste Away With Post Man

Do you see that getting postal staff to take E-waste away has many positive aspects? Most importantly, it is safe when it gets to AIS, because the waste is disposed of correctly for a better environment.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, more people are staying in and looking for E-waste at home. This could be mobile phones, tablets, power banks, charging cables and ear phones, which can be given for to postal staff to take away.

Steps for taking E-waste away are so easy
1. Put your E-Waste in a box and mark the box, “Electronic waste for disposal”.
2. When a postman or woman comes to deliver your mail at your home, you can give the electronic waste to them to take away without any charge.

– Before discarding your mobile phone or tablet, don’t forget to erase your personal data by doing a factory reset and removing the memory card.
– If your mobile phone battery is swollen, soak it in water for 3 to 5 hours, wipe it clean, then wrap it in paper to reduce the electric charge

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