AIS E-waste


It’s back! A special conservation campaign for customers of AIS and AIS Fibre,

“AIS E-Waste to get Points”

Consider the planet and get AIS points to redeem, whether on phone calls, internet, food, drink, popular stickers or entertainment, and monthly lucky draws offering gold, and popular hit smartphones

Just bring your E-Waste to us for disposal

Earn 5 points for one item of E-Waste

Help conserve the planet by redeeming AIS points, from

22nd April 2021 to 30th of November 2021

1. 1 phone number for 10 draws throughout the program
2. Limit of 30,000 draws in the lifetime of the program, from 22nd of April 2021 to 30th of November 2021.
3. Inform staff before disposing of E-Waste. Only use your smartphone to scan the staff QR code to earn Points
4. Eligible e-waste is in five categories: 1. Mobile Phones/Tablets 2. Mobile Batteries 3. Power Banks 4. Charger 5. Small Talk
5. Rights are reserved only for AIS customers who are private individuals

Don’t forget, before disposal!!
Delete your data and do a factory reset, and remove the memory card
If your battery has expanded, soak it in water for 3 to 5 hours

**Other categories of E-Waste may be disposed of as normal but do not earn AIS points**

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