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E-waste from mobile device or other have a unique story.

E-waste from mobile device or other have a unique story. You may have memories of it more or less, your old broken phone that’s completely gone, the charger that you keep in the drawer until years have passed and they have never been used again. The power bank that you used to bring it everywhere, the first earphones you bought with your first salary. All the memories you spent with e-waste is precious. If you want to dispose of them, they should be disposed safely and properly.

The proper way to dispose of e-waste will prevent your personal data leaks. Today AIS would like to recommend the safety procedures for e-waste disposal.


  1. Delete all your important information and data on mobile phone and tablet with Factory Reset and Erase All Data.
  2. Do not forget to take the memory card out of the devices to ensure that information will not be leaked.


Properly disposing old e-waste will protect you and the environment. Do not throw e-waste in the trash since it can cause environmental pollution and health risks due to the toxic chemical. Moreover, e-waste toxins contaminate the soil, groundwater and air*.

*Based on information from Chula Loves the Earth project

AIS makes it easy to recycle your devices in the most useful and eco-friendly way, bring your e-waste to AIS E-Waste disposal drop point which has more than 1,806 locations. Our goal is to build a society of ‘Thais say no to E-Waste’ for the future of Thai’s environment. Let’s start with bringing E-Waste to the right place, bring to AIS.

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