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The 22nd of April every year has been designated as Earth Day by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) to create greater awareness about the environment.

Did you know that just disposing of E-Waste correctly, means you’re helping the world?

If we dispose of any waste at an incorrect site and process it incorrectly, hazardous chemicals and heavy metals may contaminate the soil and water sources, or even the air we breathe. Hazardous elements include cadmium, arsenic, bromine and mercury, which have impacts on both the environment and our health

AIS invites you to take all five categories of E-Waste, whether mobile phone/tablet, charge cable, earphones, battery or power bank, to dispose of at the correct location. With just this, we are helping to care for the planet, as we have an environmentally friendly recycling process for correctly disposing of E-Waste.

Today, you can dispose of your E-Waste easily from your home by collecting your E-Waste in a box and writing on the box, ‘Electronic Waste for Disposal’, and you can give it to your post carrier.

Look at how to give your waste to the post carrier at :

Additional information and drop site network at:

Don’t forget, before disposal!!
– Delete your data, do a factory reset and remove the memory card
– If your battery has expanded, soak it in water for 3 to 5 hours

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