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How to dispose of a swollen battery safely?

Did you know the AIS also accepts mobile phone batteries for disposal, whether from mobile phones or tablets, when a swollen battery is stuck in the device. The battery can be removed from the device. Power banks can also have degraded batteries, such as being swollen or chemicals oozing out. In that case please hurry to dispose of them correctly.

If the waste is allowed to degrade, it still contains electric charge and it may well release toxic chemicals to contaminate the environment. Any person may ingest these toxic chemicals unawares.

Disposal is so easy, Just two easy steps!
1. Soak a swollen or degraded mobile phone battery in water for about 5 hours to reduce the electric charge
2. Wipe it dry and put it in a bag or wrap it in paper before taking it to one of over 2,400 AIS e-waste drop off points nationwide
With just this, you can dispose of batteries correctly and safely. Most importantly, the waste will be taken for recycling, to get many further benefits.

Check your AIS E-Waste drop off point here:

Information from TES Co., Ltd.

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