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Take My E-Waste Away

From today onwards, you can give your E-Waste to post carriers from your home. Easy, correct disposal and completely free!

Because electronic waste cannot be disposed of just anywhere. It must be disposed of correctly and treated safely

… When you have rid your home of electronic waste, the health of your family will improve. Please clear out your house so we are safe from E-Waste. it’s easy to do, by giving it to the post office for disposal with AIS

Easy drop-off procedure

1. Prepare all five categories of E-Waste: mobile phones/tablets, mobile phone batteries, power banks charge cables and earphones. Put however many you have in a box, and clearly mark the box “For Electronic Waste disposal.”

2. Give it to your post carrier on their delivery rounds to your home, free for no cost

*Note: Please wrap mobile batteries in paper before putting them in the box, to prevent leakage and fire hazard.

Thank you for helping us save the world with AIS and Thailand Post. Drop-offs can be made from now until 31st December 2021.

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