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10 Ways to Convince Your Household to Dispose E-Waste

When your family is a pack rat, a junk collector, and worst of all, E-Waste curator.
We all know they’re not using them. We also know some of these things are no longer of use.

It can be hard bringing yourselves to let go of things you once loved, how ever useless they might have become. When this adds up, it turns into a major cause of E-Waste. So, how does the next gen manage to talk their families into giving up those wastes?

Let’s find out 10 ways how the young generation does it in this article!

1. Make merit with E-Waste disposal
Think of it this way, by donating your unwanted electronic devices to those who might be in need, you’re doing good deeds in a way. Separating E-Wastes before disposal, so that these gadgets’ parts can be of use again is another form of charity our society needs.

2. Clean your E-Waste, cleanse your mind
Many may choose to meditate to keep their minds straight and in control. Another way to do so is simply by discarding your E-Wastes. Not only does it make your house clean, it’ll help keeping your mind and soul free from unnecessary distractions from these junks.

3. Be like Marie Kondo
Introduce your family members to the popular Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, by the world-famous tidying expert who teaches many households interesting tips of how to put their places in order. We promise, cleaning out your stuff and organizing your home can’t get any easier after watching the show.

4. Find an ally
Two heads are better than one! Take one step at a time, educate one of your siblings, aunts or nephews first, make them understand the issue. Once they’re on your side, let them spread the words to the rest of the family. Make it a family mission and set a date to let go of your E-Waste together.

5. Have your bins sorted
Who knows, as easy as having separated trashcans may trigger the urge to cleaning up properly? Categorize your trash into different colors to make it convenient, green for biodegradable scraps, yellow for the recyclable, blue for non-biodegradable, red for hazardous items, and/or an extra one for electronic wastes.

6. Discard your E-waste today to keep the doctor away
It’s every one’s wish to have good health, only if they knew how much harm chemical leaks from spoiled E-Waste can do to their body when in physical contacts or how they might unknowingly breathe in these substances. Better be safe than sorry!

7. What’s better than spending your days in a nice, clean home?
Good times happen when you’re in a nice atmosphere. Why live in a mess? Make your place tidy and more spacious easily by just throwing away things that are no longer of use, like your E-Waste to start off with.

8. Upcycle it
If any of your family members are into handicraft, take the chance! Gather junks or unwanted goods in your house and encourage them to bring to life a new handmade creation. And when it comes to those electronic gadgets, take this time to explain how dangerous it is to keep such wastes as it may be leaking harmful chemicals. The only thing to do is to get rid of these useless trashes!

9. Minimize the use of storage boxes
More containers, more hidden garbage. Stow away or donate your cartons, use less boxes to clear your space occupied by electronic trashes. When there’s less storage, E-Wastes can’t be stored but only to be discarded.

10. Get rid to get points with AIS
There’s no better deal! Most of electronic garbage is nothing of value, worse is, deconstructing them manually does more harm than good to your own health and the environment. Trade in your unwanted E-Waste with AIS disposal collection of more than 2,000 spots nationwide (Check out to collect points with AIS to redeem discounts and many more rewards at
You and your family can make a difference, dispose your E-Waste with AIS today!

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