AIS E-waste


2 Easy Steps To Take My E-Waste Away

Did you know that the post office not only delivers things to us, but we can give them electronic waste to dispose of, which is forwarded to AIS to dispose of correctly?

Take My E-Waste Away

From today onwards, you can give your E-Waste to post carriers from your home. Easy, correct disposal and completely free!

Planting the Seeds

We can all help sustainably conserve the environment by encouraging awareness among children who are growing up, and who will pass the seeds to the next generation

How to dispose of a swollen battery safely?

Did you know the AIS also accepts mobile phone batteries for disposal, whether from mobile phones or tablets, when a swollen battery is stuck in the device. The battery can be removed from the device. Power banks can also have degraded batteries, such as being swollen or chemicals oozing out. In that case please hurry to dispose of them correctly.