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“E-Waste” why not we let go?

Little did we know, keeping one too many Electronic Wastes may cause a significant global issue. If with ignorance, one small action will gradually impact humankind like a Butterfly Effect, and not in a good way.

By ‘letting go’, it means to stop being ignorant about an individual’s E-Waste management, having these trashes managed properly and sustainably is the essence freeing oneself from an addition to environmental burden. If electronic keepsake is holding us back from loving our planet a little more – why not we let go?

Fact is, most of us are unaware that these electronic scraps we hold on to so dearly do us more harm than good to our bodies. Leakage from spoiled batteries, for example, contains Lead, Mercury and Cadmium leaves more than stains but irritations in human’s airway, and have harmful effects on human health*.

Sure, we all have that picture taken back in 2009 that brings back memories or confidential data very well kept in one or more of our old devices we can’t bring ourselves to let go. And before we know it, these memory-keeping gadgets turn into personal E-Waste collections spilling toxic chemicals.

Don’t wait till it’s too late, have your unwanted devices factory reset, all data erased and memory cards removed before disposing them with certified organizations to be properly handled – good riddance to bad (E) rubbish!
(How to safely get rid of confidential E-Waste

What a waste to let these bad boys be just useless E-Wastes! But with the recycling service under zero waste to landfill certification, one regular mobile phone can be extracted to Cobalt, Nickle, Gold, Copper and plastic*** and reused as raw materials for other equipment assembly. Why not make the most out of these gadgets, right?

No better time than now to offload them junks with AIS. Drop them (Mobile phone/ tablets, phone batteries, power banks, chargers or headphones) at one of 1,800 collection points nationwide to have them safely discarded for the greater good.
Check out AIS E-Waste disposal spots at
Contact your local District Offices or Local Administrations for large electronic items disposal for correct waste management***
#คนไทยไร้EWaste #ThaissaynotoEWaste
** The Center of Excellence on Hazardous Substance Management, Chulalongkorn University

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