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Changing perspectives of The New Gen towards E-Waste

“These stuffs might be of use again some days” says everyone. Little did we know, not only do these E-Wastes are no longer of use, they’re more likely to cause us health issues and world pollution.

What’s the turning point that has changed this young gen to stop treating these junks like precious treasures? Only them who can give us the answer.

Let’s find out, what are the reasons behind the shift in their views and behaviors to refrain from holding on to their dear belongings. Hopefully, this will inspire more people to start discarding E-Wastes correctly.

“I used to keep old phones and power banks, thinking to have it fixed so that I can use them again as spare ones, only to realize later that it never happened. Never gotten fixed. Never been used ever then.” (Aranya, 23-year-old Social Media Admin)

E-Waste was pretty much nonexistent term in her dictionary. That was until when she got introduced to Greenery and Eiamdee Recycle, social Fanpages that promotes eco-living. Thanks to their easy-to-digest and interesting contents to educate the audience, it didn’t take long for her to take it in. She then realized E-Waste matters shouldn’t be taken lightly.

“Junks are junks, meaning they most probably won’t be reused, why keep it? Now that I learned about its negative impact on our well-being, I don’t need to think twice about keeping it. Throwing them away even makes your house cleaner and tidier, need I say more?” (smile)

Sutthipat, a 22-year-old Graphic Designer, also shared his point of view on E-Waste that has changed when he was first triggered by a certain carton placed inside AIS shop, that made him wonder what it was for. After he knew it was an E-Waste disposal box, he began to study more into details. It took him by surprise that such waste is exposing humans to toxic from heavy metals. Is everyone at home being harmed all along?

“My family has been collecting these E-Wastes only to sell for scrap for quite some time. I don’t want to think about how much chemicals we’ve been accumulating in our bodies so far. I told them it’s time to stop treasuring these trashes when they’re not much of value anyway. Especially, when I found out that AIS offers to have these electronic rubbishes taken care of, I swept through the house and dispose of everything possible.” (laugh)

Another interesting issue we found is, many people can’t be bothered to transfer their data out of their old devices, with some of them even using these gadgets as an external hard disk.

“The thing is, I don’t really know how to erase the data, and it takes a lot of effort to export these data. So, I just leave it as is.” Anchida, a 22-year-old Project Manager

It was her friend that talked her into getting rid of E-Waste. She felt lucky to have such an information sharer as a friend, who’s always initiating creative activities, that also include encouraging how to sustainably handling E-Waste.

More than just explaining how dangerous E-Waste is, this friend of hers also helped seeking for the instruction to delete important data from these electronic devices. Not knowing how to do so is commonly found as many people’s issue for keeping this kind of waste. It would be great if there’s any organization that could reach out and influence the new gens to make this a social movement.

A 23-year-old Planner, Akkrapon, admitted having been long possessing old phones and tablets, basically, E-Wastes. Only because of the memories and joy these devices used to bring, being aware it’s not the right practice but with little knowledge of where to dispose of them, these gadgets have been kept abandoned, yet, not thrown away. However, things are not the same ever since he traveled to Japan.

“I was so impressed with their trash management, how they provide several bins for different types of garbage, that makes me want to separate my own rubbish. And when it’s properly organized to undergo recycling process, there’ll be less waste in the system, resulting in cleaner city. That was when I committed myself to separate junks before disposal. Now that AIS offers E-Waste collection spots, makes it better to know where these items should be dropped off.”

As we can see, getting rid of your E-Wastes helps make your personal space cleaner and tidier, while also reducing the risk of exposure to toxins from heavy metals released from such wastes. We all can do our parts to make this planet a better place by simply separating our trash, having our electronic wastes managed correctly to lessen the amount of rubbish in the system for a clean, unpolluted environment for everyone.

Bring your E-Waste of these 5 types: mobile phone/ tablet, phone battery, power bank, charger and headphone to drop off at any of more than 2,000 E-Waste disposal spots available at AIS Shops nationwide, AIS Telewiz, Post Office, Central Department Stores, universities and apartments and condominiums throughout Thailand
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