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Make E-Waste Light to Make it Right.

Previously on last week’s topic of ‘The Art of Letting Go’, we addressed the issue on the negative impacts your E-Waste may cause by keeping it and not discarding it properly. (Learn about ‘The Art of Letting Go’ here)
This week we’d like to introduce ‘How To: Make E-Waste Light to Make it Right’,
a study of the results, when E-Wastes are being correctly handled and recycled. Not only does it make landfills lighter, but also treats our environment right again.

Generally, a single phone includes many little parts, be it the battery, charger, housing and circuit board**, of which to be broken down into pieces to undergo recycle system, utilizing the good bits for future useful purposes.

Did you know: recycle process consumes less energy than smelting or new production from natural raw materials.***

For example, old phone batteries can be of use again after recycling, by extracting Nickel, Cobalt and Copper to be used as raw materials for new product parts such as a battery, stainless steel and magnet****

On the other hand, substance like Nickle is also a hazardous chemical that can cause severe skin irritation when in regular physical contact.

That’s why it is crucial that E-Waste must be managed properly. Burying or combusting them without correct instruction can expose us to harmful contaminants, or worse, polluting the soil, water and air, putting all our lives and planet at great risks*****

Every little action counts, as easy as separating your rubbish for organizations in-charge to proceed further with recycling process. Especially under Zero Landfill Policy AIS has been promoting, with the ambition to remove Electronic Wastes without planting in the ground or long-term environmentally safe.

Let’s get rid of your E-Waste with AIS. Drop them (Mobile phone/ tablets, phone batteries, power banks, chargers or headphones) at one of 1,800 collection points nationwide to have them safely discarded for the greater good.
Check out AIS E-Waste disposal spots at
Contact your local District Offices or Local Administrations for large electronic items disposal for correct waste management***

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** www.วารสารความปลอดภัยและสุขภาพ.com
**** The Center of Excellence on Hazardous Substance Management, Chulalongkorn University
*****Pollution Control Department

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