AIS E-waste

Earth Day

🥳 N’Aunjai invites everyone to help protect our planet, by disposing of E-Waste to receive a code from Lazada worth 40 baht, to buy products under “AIS x Lazada, Leave E-Waste to get a code” (#AISxLazadaทิ้งรับCode) 🙌 It’s easy to join in: Just bring in any item from 5 categories

14 Oct International E-Waste Day

“14th October is International E-Waste Day” “One or two pieces of E-Waste might look like trash, but collect it all together and dispose of it correctly, and there is all kinds of value, as well as cutting our use of limited natural resources.” “Thais say no to E-Waste” campaign invites

6 Best Ways To Take My E-Waste Away With Post Man

Do you see that getting postal staff to take E-waste away has many positive aspects? Most importantly, it is safe when it gets to AIS, because the waste is disposed of correctly for a better environment.


It’s back! A special conservation campaign for customers of AIS and AIS Fibre, “AIS E-Waste to get Points” Consider the planet and get AIS points to redeem, whether on phone calls, internet, food, drink, popular stickers or entertainment, and monthly lucky draws offering gold, and popular hit smartphones


The 22nd of April every year has been designated as Earth Day by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) to create greater awareness about the environment.

2 Easy Steps To Take My E-Waste Away

Did you know that the post office not only delivers things to us, but we can give them electronic waste to dispose of, which is forwarded to AIS to dispose of correctly?

Take My E-Waste Away

From today onwards, you can give your E-Waste to post carriers from your home. Easy, correct disposal and completely free!

Planting the Seeds

We can all help sustainably conserve the environment by encouraging awareness among children who are growing up, and who will pass the seeds to the next generation

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