AIS E-waste

Brace yourself…before letting go.

Something can be hard to forgo, it’s better to make yourself ready when it has to happen. Letting go of your E-Waste, too, needs some preparation.

Changing perspectives of The New Gen towards E-Waste

“These stuffs might be of use again some days” says everyone. Little did we know, not only do these E-Wastes are no longer of use, they’re more likely to cause us health issues and world pollution. What’s the turning point that has changed this young gen to stop treating these

Are you letting E-Waste hurt your children?

They said, “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”. Well, that’s not always the case, when you’re keeping this evil a little too close to your baby than you realize.

One household, many professions, too much E-Waste.

In 2019, Thailand is responsible for generating 421,335 tons of domestic Electronic Wastes, and only 7,400 of which came from industrial sector!* So, where did the rest come from? It’s US, the household sector.

E-Waste 101

Most people may think Electronic Waste or E-Waste and the issues it brings are irrelevant to them, not knowing it’s closer and bigger than they can imagine. Don’t wait till it’s too late, learn about E-Waste 101 on this VDO! Make our society a better place together, get rid of

Make E-Waste Light to Make it Right.

Previously on last week’s topic of ‘The Art of Letting Go’, we addressed the issue on the negative impacts your E-Waste may cause by keeping it and not discarding it properly. (Learn about ‘The Art of Letting Go’ here) This week we’d like to introduce ‘How To: Make E-Waste Light

“E-Waste” why not we let go?

Little did we know, keeping one too many Electronic Wastes may cause a significant global issue. If with ignorance, one small action will gradually impact humankind like a Butterfly Effect, and not in a good way.

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